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"The Wright Brothers created the single greatest cultural force since the invention of writing. The airplane became the first World Wide Web, bringing people, languages, ideas, and values together."
Bill Gates

OE-DJG Cessna 172 R

The Cessna 172 (also known as Skyhawk) is the most used type of aircraft in the world. It is a robust, four-seated light aircraft, which is also used for engine flight training because of its good-natured flight characteristics. Our C172 is equipped with the latest Aspen and also approved for IFR training.

Cruising Speed: 226 km/h
Max. speed: 302 km/h
Range: 1.185 km
Type of engine: Lycoming O-360 L2A 180 PS

D-EKSV + D-EBDW Diamond-Aircraft DA 20/DV20

The DA20 Katana / DV20 Katana is a two-seated light aircraft manufactured by Diamond Aircraft. It is a further development of the HK36 motor glider and therefore it has very good aerodynamic properties. Equipped with a new Aspen, our Katanas meet the highest training standards.

Cruising Speed: 218 km/h
Range: 850 km
Type of Engine: Rotax 912 (DA20-A1: 100 PS, DV20: 80 PS)



PA 28-181 Archer II

The Piper PA-28, like the Cessna 172, is a standard General Aviation aircraft. This type of aircraft can be found at every airport. The four-seater aircraft in metal construction offers comfort for long and short trips. The bis baggage compartement on the right side is very useful for long trips.

Cruising Speed: 212 km/h
Max. Speed: 280 km/h
Range: ca. 1000 km
Type of engine: Lycoming O-360 A4M 180PS

OE-7115 WT9 Dynamic

The Dynamic is a single-engine, two-seated ultralight aircraft. The machine has a retractable landing gear and is approved for towing gliders.
This machine offers highest flying comfort, at a nearly unbeatable price!

Cruising Speed: 230 km/h
Max. Speed: 270 km/h
Range: 1.200 km
Type of engine: Rotax 912; 100 PS


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