We are the managing board of "Schärdinger Flieger Union "


Mr. Robert Machtlinger


Mr. Thomas Falkner

Vize President

Mr. Wolfgang Preisinger

Second Vize President

Mr. Hubertus Donha

Trainer Engine flight

Mr. Peter Huber


Mr. Kurt Matheis

Operations Manager

Mr. Gerhard Högl

Vize Operations Manager

Mr. Wolfgang Straif

Financial consultant

Mr. Alois Pauzenberger

Engine Aircraft

Mr. Stefan Reiter

Sailplane Consultant

Mr. Patrick Neussl

Vize Sailplane Consultant

Mr. Michael Reisenberger

Media Consultant

Mr. Dominik Fellinger

Cash control

Mr. Christian Ecker

Cash Control

Mr. Walter Kohlbauer

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